Realism and fidelity

Durable material

Affordable price


The modeling of our targets

Our modelers are graduates in Fine Arts, consult videos and photographs of the animals to be modeled before starting the work, we discuss and propose positions that are natural and that allow to give the target a sense of mobility and naturalness, so that the archer can recreate a hunting image at the time of shooting.

The choice of material

The choice of material has led us to invest hundreds of hours in penetration, density and durability tests.

As archers that we are, we were looking for the product that offered us the best resistance to the penetration of the arrow, as well as ease of extraction. At the same time we wanted it to be as durable as possible. Cost was another of our goals. Since targets are bought to “break them,” they should not be too expensive. Our prices are very competitive, and we believe that with an excellent value for money.

Constantly we are renewing, in this section you can see our most recent targets. Enjoy our latest products just a click away.

In Imago 3D we care about the customer, to acquire only the central part of the target, which contains vital, is another initiative that we believe greatly reduces the disbursement of the goalkeeper, why have to acquire the entire target if the party head and hips is practically new?