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Imago 3D we take very seriously making our targets and we have years of industry experience, our product is quality.

diana babuino terminada

Our targets meet targets.

Our targets are manufactured according to the same standards that we, as archers, have always wanted in them.

  • A faithful representation of the actual depicted animal.
  • Long lasting material that allows for easy arrow pull.
  • Affordable.
  • Possibility of replacing just the most damaged part, the one with the vitals, in the multi-piece targets.

Modeling our targets.

We believe our targets tick all the boxes. Our modellers have a BA in sculpture, carefully selecting nature videos and photographs before starting the first sketches to finally settle on a natural, dynamic stance that immerses the archer in the thrill of the hunt.

modelando diana babuino
textura diana babuino

The choice of material.

We have spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning our unique foam formula through extensive penetration, density and durability tests. As archers we wanted the product that provided a balance between all the desirable features of a target. Good resistance to penetration, but also allowing for easy arrow pull. Long-lasting but also not too expensive to replace when time finally comes. We believe our prices are very competitive with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Constantly we are renewing, in this section you can see our most recent targets. Enjoy our latest products just a click away.

ultima diana fabricada


heigh: 18 cm
width: 21 cm
large: 28 cm

ultima diana fabricada


heigh: 27 cm
width: 21 cm
large: 30 cm

ultima diana fabricada


heigh: 64 cm
width: 21 cm
large: 102 cm


"In Imago 3D we care about the customer, to acquire only the central part of the target, which contains vital, is another initiative that we believe greatly reduces the disbursement of the goalkeeper, why have to acquire the entire target if the party head and hips is practically new? "

esquema punto vital

We have trusted distributors in England, Germany, Portugal, France, Finland and Argentina.

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